What are essential properties of every material
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For this project, you will be exploring the developments in material science that have allowed computers to become so fast. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides (not including Title and Reference slides) and include a minimum of 3 images. Please address the following:

What are the three essential properties of every material?

New materials often lead to new technologies that change society. Describe how silicon-based semiconductors revolutionized computing.

What are microchips? How are they related to integrated circuits?

One of the pressing questions about the increasing ability of computers to quickly process large amounts of information is whether a computer can be built that is considered "alive" or "conscious."

What is artificial intelligence? ?What are 2 essential differences between human brains and the central processing unit of a computer?


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Material is that from which something can be made. Material includes raw and processed material, components, parts, assemblies, fuels, lubricants and various other small tools. But material is not limited to these factors. These materials are consumed by us directly or indirectly in business or non-business life. Every material has some properties that makes it unique.

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