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1. Describe the following acts and agencies and what they regulate or protect: The FDA, FTC, unfair and deceptive practices, EPA, Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act.
2. Describe state workers compensation programs are and what do they cover.
3. What is workers compensation insurance? What is meant by employment-related injury and exclusive remedy?
4. What is Occupational Safety and Health Act and what does it cover? What types of standards are covered in this Act?
5. What is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA?) what does it protect or cover?
6. Name at least two other worker protection laws
7. What is unemployment compensation? What is social Security?
8. What is the National Labor Relations Board and what does it regulate?
9. What is a strike, picketing and secondary boycott? Are they allowed under the NLRA?
10. What is meant by the phrase Equal Opportunity in Employment?
11. Describe Title VII of the Civil Rights Act? What are the protected classes under Title VII? What types of discrimination does it protect against? Which employers and employment are covered by Title VII? Describe what it protects.
12. What is the EEOC? What are remedies for violations of Title VII?
13. What is sex discrimination in employment? What is sexual harassment? How does title VII protect against these actions? Discuss same sex discrimination under title VII
14. What are defenses to Title VII action?
15. What is the Equal Pay Act? What does it provide? What criteria justifies differential in wages?
16. What is the Age Discrimination Act? Who are the protected age categories?
17. What is the ADA? Who are qualified individuals with a disability? What is forbidden conduct? What must an employer do in terms of accommodations? What are can a successful plaintiff in an ADA lawsuit recover?
18. What is affirmative action?
19. What is meant by reverse discrimination?

Reference no: EM13248366

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