What are critical issues related to regulating gun ownership

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You will be given a Forum Discussion Your original post should be at least 350words APA guidelines 6th ed. Cover page.

Discussion Prompt:

Consider the posted articles along with the recent high-profile shootings, the expected vote in the US House of Representatives on a gun control bill, and Supreme Court Justice Thomas' questions during oral arguments in Voisine v. United States regarding the appropriateness of suspending or abrograting an individual's constitutional rights.

1) What are the critical issues related to regulating gun ownership and use?

2) What are the strongest arguments made by each side in the debate?

3) What are the weakest arguments?

4) What government/legal measures do you or could you support in regulating gun ownership and use?

5) What primary consequences could stem from the position you advocate if the government were to adopt it as law?

Reference no: EM131118433

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