What are cognitive distortions

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Question: Individual Portion

Search the library and the Internet and research cognitive distortions.

Each team member will address the following in 250-500 words individually:

Generally speaking, what are cognitive distortions? Explain.

Create a scenario that describes an individual who is suffering from cognitive distortions. Make the scenario as detailed and realistic as possible.

Post your explanation of cognitive distortions and your scenario to the Small Group Discussion Area.

Remember to post your submission as soon as possible in order to allow enough time to complete the Group Portion of the project.

Bes sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Group Portion

As a group, review and assess each member''s explanation and scenario.

Come to a consensus and select the scenario that your group wishes to use for the remainder of the assignment.

Address the following in 750-1,000 words:

Apply the 4 Steps in Cognitive Restructuring to see how this individual could be helped.

What are the major issues that need to be addressed? Explain.

What will be the most challenging element of cognitive restructuring in this case? Explain.

Remember to collaborate and divide work evenly among all group members.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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Reference no: EM13846885

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