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Principles of Accounting Assignment-

Read the following economist article that is attached at the end of this instruction paper: "The Future of Jobs. The onrushing wave  Previous technological innovation has always delivered more long-run employment, not less. But things can change" The Economist 18th January 2014.

The article said that the accounting field in particular is highly susceptible to automation in the near future and implied that accounting jobs disappear because of future technological innovation such as automated computer software, artificial intelligence, etc.

Each group is required to prepare report regarding:

What and how does future technological innovation such as artificial intelligence and accounting software automation impact on accountant skills, ethics and career opportunities associated with various accountant designations in future?

Final Report -

The final report of the group should use an appropriate business report format and should include:

1. A title page; include all group member full name and student number

2. A table of contents (Times new Roman 14 point);

3. Introduction (Times new Roman 12 point);

4. Appropriate topic headings (Times new Roman 14 point);

5. A detailed description on (Times new Roman 12 point):

a. What your group have research about current and future technology, accountant skills and ethics and career opportunities for those who pursue accounting careers?

b. What information has surprised your group? 

c. The technology, the accountant skills, the ethics and the career opportunities your group have researched may reflect an Australian viewpoint.  Choose a country that members of your group may have an interest in, or knowledge about.   Briefly discuss what aspects of the technology, the accountant skills, the ethics the career opportunities would have to be considered and what changes/adaptations your group might need to make.

d. What is your group opinion on the value of studying/taking accounting courses?

6. Conclusion or recommendation (Times new Roman 12 point);

7. Reference (Times new Roman 11 point);

8. Appendix

To identify current required accountant skills and current career opportunities  associated with various accountant designations,

1. Find at least 12 accounting job advertisements advertised after 21st  November 2016  from www.seek.com.au  www.careerone.com.au  r www.gumtree.com.au  or other job advertisement WEB sites and analyse them in your final report.

2. Print the above job advertisements in KOI printing facilities that enable to identify the printing dates.

3. Attach the printed Job Advertisements as an appendix

To identify the current ethics, please visit the following WEB site.



Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131377888

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A creative description that engages the reader and shows evidence of excellent thoughts and knowledge, Very detailed, well-written list of strengths and limitations provided together with excellent description or discussion. Very detailed, well-written examples provided of how the technology might be used in accounting field, plus suggestions of a range of innovative ways to use the technology.


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Australian student, assignment is of 3000 words group assignment, however, I am doing it as an individual, therefore, reduce the word limit to 1600 in such a way, that it make sense. Your group will be assessed on three aspects of the assignment: Final report of your group: 3,000 words plus or minus 20%, excluding Job Advertisements and Group Work Activity Report; Group Work Activity Report including group meeting minutes: around 750 words plus or minus 20%, excluding group meeting minutes; and Group presentation based on group assignment.

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