What amount is recorded as common stock issued

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A corporation issues 100,000 shares of an authorized 500,000 shares of $1 par value common stock.the selling price is $15 per share. How much cash is received? What amount is recorded as common stock issued? What amount if any is recorded as additional paid in capital?

Reference no: EM131261515

Short investment horizon

Short investment horizon: Suppose you plan to go to graduate school in two years and you will need money for tuition. Which type of risk would you be most concerned with and w

Changes in variable costs fixed costs and selling price

Changes in Variable Costs, Fixed Costs and Selling Price, and Volume. The marketing manager argues that a $5,000 increase in the monthly advertising budget would increase mon

What is the inspection cost per unit

Mount Vernon Furniture manufactures expensive tables. Its varnishing department is fully automated and requires substantial inspection to keep the machines operating properly.

Made an investment in certain equipment

Tilly's Travel Service has made an investment in certain equipment that cost the company $323,895. The equipment is expected to generate cash inflows of $55,000 each year. Use

Calculate the average age of loziers inventory

Calculate the average age of Lozier's inventory for 2010 and 2011 and compute depreciation expense for 2010 and 2011. Prepare a journal entry to record 2011 depreciation expen

Inventory turnover and days in inventory

PepsiCo's financial statements are presented in Appendix B. Financial statements of the Coca-Cola Company are presented in Appendix C. Instructions for access and using the co

Absorption costing approach to cost-plus pricing

Eckhart Company uses the absorption costing approach to cost-plus pricing as described in the text to set prices for its products. Based on budgeted sales of 67,000 units next

Any federal self-employment tax implications

John Smith, age 31, is single and has no dependents. At the beginning of 2014, John started his own excavation business and named it Earth Movers. John lives at 1045 Center St


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