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Q1. The free energy for the oxidation of glucose to {rm CO_2} and water is -686 kcal/mol and the free energy for the reduction of NAD+ to NADH is +53 kcal/mol. Why are only two molecules of NADH formed all through glycolysis while it appears that as many as a dozen would be formed?

Q2. Sickle cell anemia is a disease of red blood cells in which the genetic mutation in DNA leads to a mutation in hemoglobin. A single base vary alters the DNA sequence CTC to CAC which codes for the wrong amino acid. What amino acid is coded for through the normal DNA sequence, CTC?

Reference no: EM136268

Identify these as one very sharp prick

While the nurse applies the sharp point of the pin on his arm several times, he is only able to identify these as one "very sharp prick." What would be the most correct explan

Examples relevant to biological anthropology

Objective: Demonstrate that you are learning how to think scientifically and that you are developing an understanding of key ideas and examples relevant to biological anthro

Control the conditions of the plants

Understanding photosynthetic processes can increase food yield. In Ontario, a number of fresh vegetables are grown all year in greenhouses. This allows the grower to control

Animations and hyper linked disorders on the right hand

Aryotyping Go tohttp://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/chromosomes/readchromosomes/ Read through all of this webpage Go tohttp://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/chromosome

Name two ways meiosis contributes to genetic

1) Name two ways meiosis contributes to genetic recombination. 2) Why is it necessary to reduce the chromosome number of gametes, but not other cells of an organism?

What is the key step in spermatogenesis

What is the key step in spermatogenesis that allows for unlimited sperm production? This step is not present in oogenesis, and therefore only a finite number of eggs could b

Studies of developmental gene expression

Historically, it was taught that any two species with large differences in form and function must have huge differences in the genes that regulate their development patterns

Calculate the net charge on each structure

a.Draw all ionization equilibria for the amino acid cysteine. Label each with the correct pka. b.Calculate the net charge on each structure. c. draw the titration curve d. C


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