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At point A in the following graph, is planned aggregate expenditure greater than, equal to, or less than GDP? What about at point B? At point C? For points A and C, indicate the vertical distance that measures the unintended change in inventories.


Reference no: EM131023297

What is the civilian labor force in this economy

Consider an economy that has 100,000 people that are 16 years old or older. 2,000 of this group are currently in the military. What is the civilian labor force in this economy

Why did this increase in unemployment occur

Was the inflation rate in 1970 likely to have been higher or lower than the inflation rate in 1969? Does your answer depend on whether the recession that began in December 1

List four variables that would cause a decrease in real gdp

List four variables that would cause a decrease in real GDP (possibly resulting in a recession). Indicate whether changes in each variable increase or decrease aggregate dem

What are menu costs

What are menu costs? How has the widespread use of computers and the Internet affected menu costs? If menu costs were eliminated, would the short-run aggregate supply curve

Why might the firm managers decide to lay off some workers

If a firm faces declining sales during a recession, why might the firm's managers decide to lay off some workers and freeze the wages of other workers rather than to cut wor

Is smoking status

Suppose that in a certain population of married couples 30% of the husbands smoke, 20% of the wives smoke, and in 8% of the couples both the husband and the wife smoke. Is t

What is the equilibrium quantity of savings

Now suppose that the government acts more realistically and decides to run a massive deficit of $1500 dollars no matter what the interest rate is in the economy. What is the

What is the probability that she will get it right

Suppose that a student who is about to take a multiple choice test has only learned 40% of the material covered by the exam.Thus, there is a 40% chance that shewill know the


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