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Question: Paraphrasing and Summarizing

For this discussion, you are required to record two more video responses to the case of Rose. In the first video, you will respond to Rose using a series of paraphrase responses. As a reminder, this is a short sentence summary of what you heard the client say to affirm you are actively listening. In the second video, you will respond to Rose using a series of summarization responses. In a summarization, a clinician provides a summary of what a client has said by conveying client words including thoughts, behaviors, and the story that unfolded.

Before submitting your video, ensure that you have completed all of the following below prior to uploading your Kaltura video:

• Reviewed the foundational and micro skills handouts and readings regarding paraphrasing and summarization skills.

• Reviewed the statements Rose made at least two times prior to recording the video response.

• Demonstrated the isolated skill required in this discussion to the best of your ability.

Reference no: EM132279878

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