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Select a topic for your Webliography assignment and one to two page web site selection paper. Your paper will be posted to the document sharing files portion of the course shell. Your web site selection will be posted to the course Webliography Section. You must post your paper and complete your Webliography posting by the due date for MODULE 12. Fellow students will be able to view the contents of your paper and must be able to visit your web site posting.

Your topic selection should be based on one of the following categories and must be approved by your group instructor: 









Once you have selected a topic (and the topic has been approved by your instructor) - search the web and take a look at site availability. Pick one web site that you believe will meet the following criterion, concerning your topic:

1. Historical Accuracy.

2. Provides information that is not contained in our textbook.

3. Provides diverse or different viewpoints on the particular topic.

4. Has educational value - will help students better understand the topic.

5. Captures your interest, makes you want to surf the site.

6. You may not use a link that is contained in this course as your web site selection.

Prepare a paper about your web site selection. Your paper will contain the following:

1. One short paragraph on why you selected the topic.

2. A short synopsis of the web site.

3. Your critical assessment of the web site. Include your assessment of, historical accuracy, diversity of opinion or information presented, educational value and the design of the site. You must verify the historical accuracy of your web site. This requires that you compare the information presented to other sources. Stating that you "feel" the site is accurate will not be sufficient.

4. Conclude the paper with the following notes: URL of the web site and the search engines that you used to find the website.

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