Weaknesses of developing an in-house survey instrument

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A college asks your opinion on the relative merits of developing a survey instrument in-house versus using a commercial instrument. He found that there are many commercial types out there but they are all fairly expensive and do not include some of the information the hospital would like to have. What are at least two strengths and two weaknesses of developing an in-house survey instrument?

Reference no: EM131268569

Proposed employment for curricular practical training

If you do work at restaurant for internship class... could you give me your opinion. I have 2 question. just your opinion. Describe the proposed employment for curricular prac

Warehouses-operational and meet demand of backyard play sets

A toy manufacturer currently has two warehouses (1 and 2) that are operational and meet the demand of backyard play sets at three retail outlets A, B and C. The supply of the

Research ethics and the subsection on testing hypothesis

First, review the sections on Research Ethics and the subsection on Testing a Hypothesis under the section Research Methods in chapter one of your text in order to familiarize

Accordance with these six attributes of ideal health system

Consider the “Six Attributes of an Ideal Healthcare Delivery System.” Think about an episode of healthcare that you received, or that someone you know received. Describe how t

Create an analysis of the ethical theories

You have just been hired by a company to evaluate the way the company treats its employees, suppliers, and customers. Create an analysis of the ethical theories the company wo

What are the underlying causes of these defects

The magnificent seven can be used in our personal lives. Develop a check sheet to record “defects” you have in your personal life (such as overeating, being rude, not meeting

What is the average number of customers in line

Suppose a second server is added and the 2 servers act independently, with each taking an average of 2.0 minutes. If a second teller is added, the average time a customer sp

Organs without incurring liability for gender discrimination

Employers can bar women from working in certain areas of the facility in order to guard against potential harm to an unborn fetus or to a female's reproductive organs without


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