We would be hiring thirty new employees

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The sentences has three errors. In the blank box for each question, type ONLY the three corrections for those errors. (Do NOT rewrite the sentences.) For example: Sentence: Mary had uh litle lam. You would type in the box: a little lamb (Just type corrected words with a space between each.) If you need to add punctuation, type the word before that punctuation followed by the punctuation. For example, if you want to add quotations, you would type: lamb." If you need to delete punctuation, type: delete semi-colon.

On February 1st our company President revealed that we would be hiring thirty new employees, which was excellent news for everyone.

Reference no: EM131375050

Companies should use investment entry modes

Companies should use investment entry modes whenever possible because they offer the greatest control over business operations.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Pioneer Electronics buys video cards at $71 each. The annual demand is 11,475, the annual holding cost is 16% of the purchase price, and the set up cost is $1,085/order


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