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1. The discharge over a triangular notch can be written as


Q = (8/15) Cd (2g)0.5 tan(θ/2) H5/2


If an error of 1% in measuring H is introduced determine the corresponding error in the computed discharge.

A right angled triangular notch is used for gauging the flow of a laboratory flume. If the coefficient of discharge of the notch is 0.593 and an error of 2 mm is suspected in observing the head, find the percentage error in computing an estimated discharge of 20 L/s.

2. A flow of 4.65 m3/s per meter width occurs in a wide rectangular channel at a depth of 1.8 m. A bridge to be constructed across the channel requires piers spaced 6 m on centres. Assuming that the noses of the piers are well streamlined and frictionless, how thick may they be made without causing "backwater effects" (i.e. deepening of the water) upstream of the bridge?

3. A community requires aa maximum flow of 30million litres per day of water during 10 hours in a peak day, beginning at 8 am and ending at 6 pm. During the remaining 14 hours, it needs a flow of 6 million litres per day. During the entire 24 hours, the water treatment plant is able to provide a constant flow of 18 million litres per day, which is pumped into the distribution system (see figure below). How large must the elevated storage tank be to meet this peak demand?


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