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Reflection and utilizing feedback are effective methods of enhancing your presentation skills. Write 1 paragraph of self-reflection analyzing how you feel you did on your oral presentation. Consider the following elements, among others, in your reflection: comfort level (e.g., nervousness); articulation (e.g., tone, professional word choices, etc.); and inflection (e.g., if your voice clear).

Write 1 paragraph of constructive feedback for 2 other members of your presentation group. Consider the following elements, among others, in your feedback to peers:

Was the presentation clear and well-organized?

Were you left with questions or an unclear message? If so, how could it be improved?

What impression did the presenter convey to you as an audience member?

Without having seen your group members, what visual image did you get based on the person's voice, tone, demeanor, and so forth?

In what ways could the presentation be improved?

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