Was the mumbai event considered an unexpected event
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Describe and discuss how terrorist organizations use technology to further their organizational goals.

Those responsible for the Mumbai terrorist attacks of November, 2008 used readily available technologies.

The terrorists in this case were committed to carrying out a horrific plan and found the simplest, most effective method was through equipment found in any mall.

Using the Web resources, library, or textbook, research the events that comprised the attacks in Mumbai, India.

In light of the available capabilities in modern technologies, such as cell phones, handheld devices, and the Internet, was the Mumbai event considered an unexpected event? Why or why not?

Be sure to use your research to support your arguments.

What are 2-3 other historical accounts of technologies or inventions used for terrorist acts?

Summarize each of the selected events, and explain why they were significant uses of technology.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA format.


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The internet and different advanced technologies are something which has got its own pros and cons, on hand where its use in a positive way has made our lives easier while on the other hand its misuse has also helped the sick people of this world take use of it to exploit human beings and enhance terrorism all around the world. The technologies used by the terrorists are of ultra modern type and the use of them can easily term them as terrorism in the digital age. The terrorists need important information’s regarding the place of attacks and other security information, the technologies available in today time is something which makes their task pretty easy and gettable with the use of GPS services and the internet (Azad & Gupta, 2011).

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