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Drew, the manager, was allowed to drive the company delivery vehicle to and from work because he was responsible for sales, advertising, participating in community events and on occasion, picking up supplies. Taking the car home allowed Drew to go directly to the various events without wasting time and gas to pick up the car each day. Additionally, the car was wrapped in the company’s logo, which provided opportunities for free advertising.

Drew stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items while on his way home. When pulling out of the parking lot, Drew was involved in a collision with Hanh Nguyen. Nguyen’s vehicle was totaled and she missed one week of work recovering from her injuries. Nguyen sued Drew, Blount's Pizzeria and State Farm, Blount's Pizzeria automobile insurance carrier. Drew suffered a broken arm, collapsed lung and a compound fracture in his left leg. Drew missed two months of work.

Discuss the arguments each party (Drew, [Restaurant Name and Nguyen) will make related to liability in the accident. Decide which party or parties should be liable and provide support for your choice.

Reference no: EM132233950

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