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Waronek owned and operated a trucking rig, transporting goods for L.T.L. Perishables, Inc., of St. Paul Minnesota.He accepted an offer to haul a trailer load of beef from Illini Beef Packer, Inc., in Joslin, Illinois to Midtown Packing Company in New York City.After his truck was loaded with ninety-five forequarters and ninety-five hindquarters of beef in Joslin, Waronek drove north to his home in Watertown, Wisconsin, rather than east to New York.While in Watertown, he asked employees of the Royal Meat Company to butcher and prepare four hindquarters of beef-two for himself and two for his friends.He also offered to sell ten hindquarters to one employee of the company at an alarmingly reduced rate.The suspicious employee contacted the authorities, who told him to proceed with the deal.When Waronek arrived in New York with his load short nineteen hindquarters, Waronek telephoned L.T.L. Perishables in St. Paul.He notified them "that he was short nineteen hindquarters, that he knew where the beef went, and that he would make good on it out of future settlements."L.T.L. told him to contact the New York police but he failed to do so.Shortly thereafter, he was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and indicted for the embezzlement of goods moving in interstate commerce.Explain whether Waronek was guilty of the crime of embezzlement. 

Reference no: EM131025144

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