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a) Jim Walters was a majority shareholder of J.J. Jewelry Inc. He became aware that J.J. was in serious financial trouble. Before J.J. went out of business, Walters paid off his personal credit cards using corporate funds. He also paid the corporation $1.00 for a corporate car purchased by the corporation. Creditors of J.J. brought suit against Walters personally to recover corporate funds. Decide the case giving your reasons.

b) As a corporate director, what would be some warning flags that the CEO was not performing his or her responsibilities to the company?

c) Why is insider trading illegal? Who is supposed to be protected and why?

Reference no: EM132184767

Detail a succint organizational development process

Cummings and Worley detail a succint organizational development process. Provide an overview of steps associated with the organizational development process, and then discuss

Explain the concept of corporate governance

Explain the concept of corporate governance? What are the goal and objectives of Under Armour, Inc.? Why have unions experienced a drop in membership over the past two decades

Less and less about labor costs

Given that GE is a well-known and highly admired company that also tends to be trend-setter in its business practices, what are the implications for the fact that its globaliz

Echoing principles of the human relations movement

Echoing principles of the human relations movement, Dalkir claims that much of the organization's valuable knowledge walks out the door at the end of the day. How can organiza

Health systems now have ethics committees

Many hospitals and health systems now have ethics committees. Give an example of an issue that is likely to be in front of an ethics committee. Who comprises an effective ethi

Average according to an exponential distribution

The solomon, smith, and samson law firm produces many legal documents that must be word processed for clients and the firm. Requests average 6 pages of documents per hour, an

King bought diamond necklace for her own use

In year 1, Iris King bought a diamond necklace for her own use, at a cost of $10,000. In year 5, when the fair market value was $12,000, Iris gave this necklace to her daughte

Zara to have a proper product-process for manufacturing

Zara is a fast - fashion company from Spain. Although the Spanish economy has crumbled, Zara is a rare success story. Fashion is highly perishab le, quickly influenced by the


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