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a) Jim Walters was a majority shareholder of J.J. Jewelry Inc. He became aware that J.J. was in serious financial trouble. Before J.J. went out of business, Walters paid off his personal credit cards using corporate funds. He also paid the corporation $1.00 for a corporate car purchased by the corporation. Creditors of J.J. brought suit against Walters personally to recover corporate funds. Decide the case giving your reasons.

b) As a corporate director, what would be some warning flags that the CEO was not performing his or her responsibilities to the company?

c) Why is insider trading illegal? Who is supposed to be protected and why?

Reference no: EM132184767

Would you classify this as positive or negative correlation

A recent study of 23,681 Greeks found that those who took more naps suffered fewer heart attacks. Would you classify this as a positive or negative correlation? Why? Does this

Impacts health care delivery systems positively-negatively

Discuss your thoughts and feelings on the nursing shortage. Consider the relationship between nursing care hours, staffing mix, and quality of care. Discuss how you feel this

Chain in inventory holding costs as result of centralization

Home Depot sells the LawnBoy T650 lawn mowers at 64 stores in the Western US. Weekly demand for the T650 at each of the stores is identical and given by: X ~ Normal (60, 40). 

Human resources department of large company

If you were in the human resources department of a large company and needed to fill 10 entry-level positions working in a warehouse, and 2 management positions for the company

What are primary functions of human resources department

Within your post, support your responses with information from at least one peer-reviewed/scholarly source (not older than 3-5 years) from CSU Global online library or the Int

Describe the circumstances that led to the change

Share one of your experiences with an organizational change. The change could be related to a work environment or to another organization in which you participate/have partici

Businesses will participate in global trade in the future

About 95 percent of the world's population lives outside the United States but many U.S. companies, especially small businesses, still do not engage in global trade. Why not?

Large accounting firm will hire numerous

A large accounting firm will hire numerous CPA’s with many different levels of skill and experience. Discuss with your class members some of the decisions and variables of sta


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