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Wall Street Journal Project Instructions

For this project, you are required to read and analyze 5 recent articles from the Wall Street Journal, each covering a different topic addressed in the course. You will then write a 1-page review of each article.

Access the Wall Street Journal either through the Liberty University Online Library or through a personal subscription. Once you have access, choose 5 articles (300 words minimum) that cover any 5 of the following topics: 

-Economic growth

-Federal government taxation



-National debt

-Monetary policy


-Fiscal policy

-Gross Domestic Product

-Federal budget

-Social Security

-Exchange rates

-Federal government spending

-Interest rates

-Foreign economic issues

-Federal Reserve

-Keynesian Economics


Gather your articles over a few weeks' time, ensuring that they are both interesting and appropriate. Make sure to select articles (300 words or more) that address all of the needed information below. Short articles will often not provide you with enough detail to write about, and likewise, purely statistical releases of data are not wise selections. Articles must be no older than 2008. For each of your 5 articles, do the following on 1 page (see example format):

  • On the top of the page, provide the article title, the author's name, date of publication, and the article's section and page number if you use the print copy or the web address if you access the Wall Street Journal electronically. 
  • On the next line down, type the topic of your articles (from the list above) in all caps and bold format.
  • In a double-spaced document, explain the author's purpose for writing the article. One way to understand the author's purpose is to ask yourself why he or she wrote it. (For example, consider current and future events, politics, weather, or anything else that may have inspired the article.)
  • Summarize the article, focusing on the discussion of the topic the article addresses.
  • Every economic situation will contain unintended consequences that may be either positive or negative. Discuss the unintended consequences of the author's article. These may be limited or substantial in scope; think specifically of what economic consequences may happen because of the situation being discussed in the article
  • Combine all of your 1-page reviews into a single Word document for submission.

Reference no: EM13746652

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  Wall street journal project instructions

Required to read and analyze 5 recent articles from the Wall Street Journal, each covering a different topic addressed in the course. You will then write a 1-page review of each article.

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