Vulnerability assessment planning

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Vulnerability Assessment Planning

For this assignment, you will need to develop a vulnerability assessment plan. The concepts needed to complete this assignment are found in your reading assignment and in the unit lesson, but you can draw on all of the lessons thus far in this course.

Choose one of the following businesses:

e-commerce retailer,

a retailer with his/her own credit card,

a money transfer/loan company, or

a personal prescription/medical supply home delivery service.

Be sure that you address the following in your plan:

1. Provide a list of at least five different hosts pertinent to the business that you chose.

2. For each host chosen, describe how it will be assessed and what threats to the host are being assessed. (Also, describe the circumstances surrounding the threats, such As when and how often).

3. Explain your reasoning for choosing a specific assessment for each host.

4. Describe the format that your vulnerability assessment plan would be delivered in, and describe who will receive and review the results.

Reference no: EM131192232

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