Vitamins in energy metabolism

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1) Discuss the role of B vitamins in energy metabolism

2) Discuss the role of antioxidant nutrients in the prevention of degenerative diseases. Discuss the beneficial and adverse effects of free radicals. Please include in your explanation the term oxidative stress.

3) Discuss the importance of CHO in the diet and include how adequate CHO prevents ketosis.

4) Discuss the process of fat hydrogenation and the health implications of consuming trans fatty acids. Explain the acronym GRAS. What is the connection between trans fats and the GRAS list?

5) Discuss all of the functions of folate. Why is it recommended that all women of childbearing age consume 500 mcg. Of folate?

6) Discuss the relationship of dietary fats to atherosclerosis. What dietary changes bring about the greatest reductions in blood lipids?

7) Explain the chemical differences between fish oil and corn oil. Discuss the health benefits of fish oil. Make sure that you include the term eicosanoids in your explanation.

8) What are phytochemicals? What function do they serve in the plant? What benefit, if any, do they have on our health? Be sure to include their role in disease prevention beyond their antioxidant capability. Discuss five different phytochemicals that are mentioned in your textbook and/or were discussed in class or in the two handouts. Make sure to include the specific name of the phytochemical as well as various food sources.

9) Discuss why protein is not predominately used as a fuel source. What functions do proteins serve in the body? Name at least 3 proteins. How much protein is required using the RDA as the recommendation? Does this protein requirement increase with an active individual? List the protein content of the following foods:

1 cup pasta - 1 cup broccoli - 6 oz. fish -
1 cup milk - 2 eggs - 4 almonds -
10) Explain how our DNA is involved in the synthesis of proteins. In your explanation be sure to include how and why the shape of the protein is determined by the sequencing of the protein.

11) Discuss the main functions of calcium in the body. Explain why blood levels of calcium are not a useful indicator of bone density. How do we accurately assess bone density? List the major risk factors for osteoporosis.

12) What dietary factors most influence a person's risk for developing cancer?

13) List three reasons why someone might take a multiple vitamin supplement that does not exceed 100 percent of the RDAs. Support your answer from the textbook and/or handouts from class.

14) Please name the two common forms of diabetes. Please give a brief description of each type and highlight the differences between these two types of diabetes. Why is high blood sugar detrimental to health?

15) Identify the known major functions of Vitamin D. Emerging scientific evidence is also hinting at other potential health benefits of Vitamin D. Briefly explain these new roles. Why is finding Vitamin D in the food supply a bit tricky? Why can't the consumer simply rely on sun exposure for their Vitamin D intake?

Reference no: EM13801573

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