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1. Select a company that demonstrates ethical behavior, social responsibility, and environmental sustainment. How does the selected organization promote human flourishing? What do you think the role of innovation and leadership in strategic management and an organization’s ability to achieve and sustain competitive advantage plays? Provide examples and rationale.

2. Do you think that “virtually all aspects” of accounting and finance “have an ethical dimension?” Why or why not?

3. How do you determine if an organization is ethically decoupled or ethically transformed?

Reference no: EM132280530

Case for critical analysis-facilitate the implementation

Based on the information available in the case, discuss what you think are the reasons for people’s resistance to the MRP implementation. Discuss if there is any value to the

The latin american division exports the largest volume

You are the global subsidiary branch manager of a U.S.-based MNE, Leather Extraordinaire, which manufactures leather goods. The Latin American division exports the largest v

What are ethical-legal implications of abandoning a patient

When is a physician considered to have abandoned his or her patient? What are the ethical and legal implications of abandoning a patient? Provide an example that is either rea

What is the productivity for each alternative

A local market research firm has just won a contract for several thousand small projects involving data gathering and statistical analysis. In the past, the firm has assigned

Predict the selling price

A real estate developer created a linear regression model to determine home prices. The price of the home (Y) is determined by the size (square footage = X). The model is: Y =

Explain deliberate strategies and emergent strategies

What is the difference between deliberate strategies and emergent strategies? How might emergent help with a future strategic planning process? In your opinion, what are the

Ethics is a hot topic in business

Ethics is a hot topic in business, as well as in Project Management. Read the PDF entitled "Ethics in Project Management". Using some of the examples presented therein, what k

Identify answers to questions you have raised about issue

Explain what you have discovered about the issue from the debate and from the resources you located for this discussion. Identify answers to questions you have raised about th


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