Violence and vulgarity films on mass media

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Read statement then answer question 1 with at least 50 words

No, I don't believe on justifying the sex, violence and vulgarity films on mass media. A new survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association, showed that 70% of 1500 people interviewed want their governments to regulate the use of advertisements and other sensitive programs in mass media. Others went further to propose strict measures to be taken on media companies who do not comply with the social norms. Majority of guardians and parents felt that this issue should be addressed and have a sense that such contents influences their children to doing immoral things (Kamalipour 2001).

In an interview conducted by the New York Times (2011), over 60% of parents admit allowing their children to extensively watch television only to realize lately the increased offensive material. I think the best method is for the government to give a stern warning on media companies who tend to air explicit content. This will help manage the young minds of our children who don't understand between entertainment and real life.

1. Very interesting and I have heard many share your very same sentiments.  Instead of government control, is it possible that parents should be held responsible for their children instead? This has been an ongoing debate for some time, with some good arguments on either side of the coin.

2. Do you think there is a place for censorship in today's society? Would censorship serve to erode our First Amendment rights? Respond with at least 150 words

3. What kind of effect do you think movies have on our culture?Respond with at least 150 words

4. During the great depression, even with the extra cost, film showed to be widely popular as it temporarily took away the pain and stresses of everyday life. In regard to movies displaying new ideas that may even be futuristic, there were lasers, hologram meetings and cell phone watches displayed on movies/shows such as the original StarTrek. All technology related things that "at the time" were believed to only exist in fantasy. Does anyone feel that it is just by coincidence lasers, hologram meetings and cell phone watches actually exist today, or do you think that the media was preparing the population for what they knew was to come in the future?Respond with at least 50 words

Reference no: EM13803161

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