Violation of privacy and a breach of confidentiality

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A researcher leaves a research file in her car while she attends a concert and her car is stolen. The file contains charts of aggregated numerical data from a research study with human subjects, but no other documents. The consent form said that no identifying information would be retained, and the researcher adhered to that component. Which of the following statements best characterizes what occurred? The subjects privacy has been violated confidentiality of the data has been breached there was neither a violation of privacy nor a breach of confidentiality there was both a violation of privacy and a breach of confidentiality

Reference no: EM13489458

Aversion therapy utilizes conditioning treatment for alcohol

Aversion therapy utilizes conditioning as a treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. 1.) summarize the article, including the purpose of the study, outcome, and recommendations

Courts to treat sexual offenders in your area

As a therapist, you are asked by the courts to treat sexual offenders in your area, because there are no providers within 150 miles of your location that specialize in this

What best describes marriage and sexual relations

What best describes marriage and sexual relations in ancient Rome? They involved couples coming together through passionate love. They were seen as a means to improve one’s

Null and alternative hypotheses in a study designed

A researcher believes that family size has increased in the past decade in comparison to the previous decade-that is; people are now having more children was before. What are

What kind of design is needed

After watching nursery-school children, Ken Garoo wants to test the hypothesis that some toys are more fun to play with than others. He decides to compare and no fun toys (b

Demonstrate the health benefits of eating oatmeal

A researcher for a cereal company wanted to demonstrate the health benefits of eating oatmeal. A sample of 9 volunteers was obtained and each participant ate a fixed diet wi

Significant on performance of complex tasks

Research has shown that losing even one night sleep can have a significant on performance of complex tasks such as a problem solving (Linde& Bergstroem, 1992)To demonstrate

Neurological test scores significantly lower

Downs and Abwender (2002) evaluated soccer players and swimmers to determine whether the routine blow to the head experienced by soccer player produced long term neurologica


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