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1. Watch the "Why Ethics Matter" video offered by the Project Management Institute: Please confirm you are watching the correct video.  If the assignment doesn't make sense to you, it may be that your browser is redirecting you to the wrong video.  This video begins with a woman speaking about ethics.  In the bottom right corner it says "PMI Dallas, TX".

2. Read the PMI Ethical Decision Making Framework:

If after you download the "PMI Ethical Decision-Making Framework" document, you have trouble opening it, please try this workaround.

Open the File Location where the document downloaded to. ii. If the filename ends is .ashx, Right-Click on the filename, choose Rename, and change the file type to .pdfiii. Your file name after renaming it, should be: Ethical Decision Making Framework - FINAL.pdfiv. Then you should be able to double-click on the filename and it will open using Adobe Reader

3. Write your paper.  Create an appropriate subheading for each of the three questions. Then provide your answer (for each question) that fully examines, assesses, or compares the required information. To earn full credit, answers must address the requirements from the rubric. The paper must be 2-4 pages (600-1200 words)  total length. In addition, a cover page and reference page are required. Davenport University requires APA format for papers.

1. Based on what you learned from watching the video and reading the Ethics Framework, identify 2 ethical dilemmas that project managers may face. Be specific.

2. List the ethical dilemmas, concepts, and theories that impact your scenario. In other words, why is the examples you gave ethical dilemma?

3. Pick one of the ethical dilemmas you identified in question 1 above and describe 2 or 3 alternatives that a project manager could take to resolve the ethical dilemma.

Reference no: EM131365514

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