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There has been a scientific debate raging for many years over the classification of Pluto. Pluto recently lost its status as a planet. Do you feel it should be classified as a planet or is it just a large version of a captured comet or KBO? State your opinion on this issue and the scientific rationale for your position.

Reference no: EM13799461

voting rights for children

There is a gaping inconsistency in the logic of our democracy in denying children this fundamental democratic right. Many argue that children haven't the intelligence and expe

Define in psychology terms - discreet and continuous measure

Define in Psychology Terms - Discreet and Continuous Measure. In what situation is it best to use a discreet measure? In what situation would it be best to use a continuous m

What type of sampling produces representative samples

How many mixed sampling designs results if you make a matrix or table where you cross the time orientation criterion (two types) and the sample relationship criterion? What ty

What had the greatest effect on you

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of what you learned this week. Reflect on the following questions: What ideas, readings, discussions, or activities stood out to you? Why? Wha

Discuss one strategy that would best address dougs goals

Discuss one strategy that would best address Doug's goals. Justify your strategy selection and the benefits of positive reinforcement. Describe how you would implement this st

Discuss about the ruling on state vs stu dents

In the case of State v. Stu Dents, the jury finds the defendant guilty of the following: Homicide, Assault of a police officer, Kidnapping ,Crimes related to drugs (Be specifi

Traditional in talmudic scholarship-theology

Which of the following teaches the full following of the law or Torah and are very traditional in Talmudic scholarship, theology, forms of festival and worship?

What was the most salient concept you learned

What was the most salient concept you learned in this course in terms of curriculum? What emerging trends, innovations or technologies do you think will he


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