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1. When Michael McCabe was first diagnosed with schizophrenia, he:
a. attempted suicide
b. had many personalities
c. was having auditory hallucinations-he heard voices
d. was receiving electroconvulsive therapy

2. A prolonged and disturbed emotional state is known as a(n):
a. agoraphobia
b. mood disorder
c. somatization disorder
d. conversion disorder

3. Normal depression is to abnormal depression as ____ is to ____.
a. paper cut; open heart surgery
b. football; baseball
c. arm; leg
d. home; house

4. An individual who is classified as having a histrionic personality disorder will:
a. be excessively emotional and attention seeking
b. be incapable of feeling guilt or remorse
c. have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
d. display socially withdrawn and reckless behaviors

5. Does one drug help an individual with schizophrenia but has no benefit for another individual?
a. It is due to individual factors such as gender, nutrition, and age.
b. Schizophrenia may have different causes for different individuals.
c. Each drug has its own effective dosage.
d. Individuals differ in the effectiveness of their support system.

6. Which of the following treatments is probably the least effective for the specific disorders of phobias and depression?
a. cognitive-behavior therapy
b. behavior therapy
c. cognitive therapy
d. psychodynamic therapy

7. Verbal interaction between therapist and client, a supportive relationship, and analysis of the client's experiences are the three characteristics of:
a. meta-analysis
b. psychotherapy
c. deinstitutionalization
d. transference

8. During the middle ages, schizophrenics were called:
a. schizophrenics
b. neurotics
c. lunatics
d. idiots

9. If you were diagnosed with schizophrenia in the 1600s, you would probably be:
a. put in a straitjacket
b. treated humanely
c. treated at a community mental health center
d. treated with Thorazine

10. Which of the following mental disorders is most effectively treated by cognitive therapy?
a. borderline personality disorder
b. antisocial personality disorder
c. paranoid schizophrenia
d. depression

11. Imagine that you have been caught cheating on a test, and you feel your hands trembling. Which appraisal are you most likely to make?
a. a harm/loss appraisal
b. a resistance appraisal
c. a challenge appraisal

12.About what percentage of people with a lifetime mental disorder do not ask for nor receive any professional treatment?
a. 40%
b. 60%
c. 75%

13. According to the textbook, serial killers:
a. are obsessed with control, manipulation and dominance
b. are obsessed with pleasing others
c. are perfectionists

14. An intense, excessive and irrational fear characterizes:
a. phobias
b. panic disorder
c. insanity

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