Various styles of masculinity and explanation of masculinity

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For this paper assigment, I want you to consider the various 'styles' of masculinity in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. You may compare and contrast different kinds of masculinity , comparing for example, Gatsby, Tom, Wilson, Nick (and maybe even Joran) in terms of their different 'styles' of masculinity. In order to prperly evaluate masculinity in the novel, I want you to:

1) Provide a comprenhensive explanation of masculinity. How do you understand the term? Is your undestanding different now than what it was at the beginning of the semester? What are the different 'styles' of masculinity in the novel?

2) Craft a unique and original thesis statement about some facet of how masculinity works in the novel.

3) Soppor your unique reading by using direct quotes from the novel. Each of your body paragraphs should have at least one direct quote and these direct quote should be explain thoroughly.

Reference no: EM13145613

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