Various aspects of multiculturalism

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USE THIS BOOK FOR ALL ASSIGNMENT IN GENERAL. Kottak, C., Kozaitis, K. (06/2011). On Being Different: Diversity and Multiculturalism in the North American Mainstream, 4th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online].

Assignment: Diversity and Families

Throughout this course, you have learned about various aspects of multiculturalism. You have also been asked to critically analyze various components of culture and discuss how and whether they relate to the human services industry.

The focus has been on aspects of diversity related to the family; however, there are a few aspects of diversity that can impact a family that have not been highlighted in this course-age and disability. As the average life span continues to grow, more family members are caring for their elderly parents. Also, family members are frequently taking care of a child, spouse, parent, or extended relative with a disability, and it is important to consider disability in broad terms (i.e., a child with autism, a sister with multiple sclerosis, etc.).


In a minimum of 300 words, post your responses to the following:

• With regard to the human services industry, what challenges might families face when it comes to caring for an elderly family member or a family member with a disability?

What are some resources available for families in these situations? Because disability is a broad category, you may identify a specific disability to address. Be specific in your responses and illustrate using examples.

Reference no: EM13847275

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