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A. Suppose that MetalPR has decided to produce steel coils at three mill locations, in the following amounts: San Juan 1500, Ponce 3000, and Mayaguez 2500. The total tons amount must be shipped in various amounts to meet orders at six locations of demand: Caguas 900

Jayuya 200
Cabo Rojo 600
Humacao 400
Vieques 1700
Arecibo 1000.

The following table shows the shipping costs per ton:

San Juan-Caguas -> $45; San Juan-Jayuya->$70; San Juan-Cabo Rojo->$60; San Juan-Humacao->$55; San Juan-Vieques->$85; San Juan-Arecibo->$55

Ponce-Caguas -> $45; Ponce-Jayuya->$60; Ponce-Cabo Rojo->$50; Ponce-Vieques->$95; Ponce-Arecibo->$55

Mayaguez-Caguas -> $65; Mayaguez-Jayuya->$90; Mayaguez-Cabo Rojo->$35; Mayaguez-Humacao->$65; Mayaguez-Vieques->$80;


Explain what is the least expensive plan for shipping the steel coils from mills to the demand centers. Based on the output analysis, should MetalPR consider closing one of the mills ?

B. A publisher has orders for 600 copies of a certain text from San Juan and 400 copies from Ponce. The company has 700 copies in a warehouse in Miami and 800 copies in a warehouse in Santo Domingo. It costs $5 to ship a text from Miami to San Juan, but it costs $10 to ship it to Ponce. It costs $15 to ship a text from Santo Domingo to San Juan, but it costs $4 to ship it from Santo Domingo to Ponce. At most, 60% of the total shipment has be from Miami.

A. What are the decisions variables?

B. Explain what are the constraints?

C. Formulate and present a standard LP model.

D. Formulate an Excel model

E. How many copies should the company ship from each warehouse to San Juan and Ponce to fill the order at the least cost?

Reference no: EM131096959

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