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The author has claim if the costumers move by their values and behaviors when they make decision buying. Therefore, the first picture shows that costumers make their decision base in their values. So, the authors provide questions about are the consumer a cause-driven liberal when surveyed, and are the ethical consumer little more than myth?

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The primary audience is the consumers in general, and it is to show them that the companies who provide high standard of quality are losing because of this behaviors. Therefore, most of people dese not say the truth when they respond to survey; however, the writers make an interview to try to get an realistic answers.

They found that most of the company when they study the market, they face less than they thought of the size of market. So, the authors make 120 interviews in different countries and ask them about this subject. They found that the consumers are not honest of talking about the social responsibility. Moreover, the interviews asked participants explicitly about ramification if these ethical issues and the inconsistencies between their words and actions. So, the participant knew that the environment and intellectual property are important to the society, but the problem is they do not practice it in the reality. Therefore, they identified that consumers from emerging market are less responsible about the social responsibility.

The authors mention that the companies are more responsible to teach consumers to be more ethical. Additionally, they can do this by creating advertising strategies about how important the social responsibility. Moreover, when the society notice that this behavior will affects the community more than the firms, and they understand it, their attitudes will change in positive way.

Reference no: EM132184878

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