Value of marketing to both baby boomers and to millenials

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1. Discuss the value of marketing to both Baby Boomers and to Millenials.  Give examples of 2-3 approaches that can be used in marketing to each group. 

2. How much money could Continental Airlines save by giving customers 1/2 a can instead of a whole can of Sprite?

3. New York City has hired you to determine what optimal route or what destination taxi drivers should go to when they do not have a customer.

Reference no: EM132233915

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Have you ever been part of a continuous planning process? If so, what did that look like at your firm and how were your plans implemented? If not, think of a firm with which y

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Use a five day moving average to forecast the number of bottles that Systembolaget expect to sell during the upcoming week! What is the forecast for the next time period if

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Discuss the importance of opinion leaders in marketing and how they can influence the success of a product or service. Identify two opinion leaders and explain and justify you

Developing a multiplicative seasonality forecasting model

A regression model that predicts sales is given as: Sales = 100 - 6*(Price). Which of the following can be said based on this model? In developing a multiplicative seasonality

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The difference between collecting data using individual interviews and a focus group (e.g., intent, selecting participants, conducting the interview or focus group) Given th

The iming of audit depends on the purpose of the audit

The primary purpose of project evaluation is to give feedback to senior management for decision and control purposes. The original criteria for selecting and funding a project


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