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It should be written in form of report writing and according to the question in details with introduction conclusion references

1. Prospective Analysis

Forecast future financial performance and use appropriate valuation models to produce an estimate of firm value. As you are valuing a publicly traded company for the common shareholders, you should focus on the value of a share of common stock in that company and compare your valuation to the market valuation, providing possible explanation for any differences (sensitivity analysis). You should comment on the extent to which management is adding value, and comparison with stock price is encouraged.

2. Application:

As a potential management consultant to your chosen firm, provide a discussion as to the possible opportunities for improvement, and potential challenges for your firm. Provide remedies for these concerns. You should be quite specific in any recommendations you make.

Assignment Length

The project write-up should be a readily comprehensible and condensed report on your work (i.e., not a detailed compilation of all the various valuation scenarios you considered, and all the information you collected). Your write-up is limited to 4 pages of text and 4 pages of supporting material. Please use a minimum font size of 12 and 2.5cm margins. ( Note: If you choose to use double spacing for text, then the write-up extends to eight pages).

You must provide a hard copy to be handed in as directed as well as a soft copy submitted via UTS Online. UTS reserves the right to run student assignments through plagiarism detection software. If you do not submit both copies (soft copy and hard copy) the assignment will be deemed as not submitted and you will receive a fail grade.For each day (or part day) that your assignment is late, you will lose 10% of the raw assignment mark.

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Reference no: EM13859008

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