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You can gain valuable insights into international business by examining how countries compare to each other. Various research groups and international agencies systematically examine economic, political, and other features of nations and provide annual rankings. Visit globalEDGETM Resource Desk and click on "Research: Rankings." You will find more than two dozen country rankings based on: degree of globalization, attractiveness with respect to FDI or global sourcing, retail development, extent of e-readiness, degree of economic freedom, quality of living, global competitiveness, and many other factors. Choose the ranking study that is of most interest to you. Learn about the methodology and the specific indicators used to rate countries. Then, examine how the following three countries rank in this study: Germany, Singapore, and South Africa. Based on your examination of their relative standing, provide an explanation of why they rank where they do. Indicate whether their relative positions make sense to you.

Reference no: EM131046271

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