Utilize disparities data to improve healthcare
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Based on the resources presented, is the US making progress in reducing health disparities in this population? What programs and initiatives have shown promise in reducing disparities?

What is your recommendation to utilize disparities data to improve healthcare? Support with references from readings and independent research.


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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Discussion 1
US Progress for Reducing Healthcare Disparities 1
Programs and Initiatives for Reducing Healthcare Disparities 2
Utilization of Disparity Data to Improve Healthcare 4
Conclusion 5
References 6


Heath Disparities and health care issues are big and longstanding challenges for United States of America. Health disparity is basically related to healthcare differences that are observed in some groups of people because they receive less and low quality health care than others and due to this poorer health outcomes are received by government of United States of America. Through this report we will discuss about some essential healthcare disparities that are observed in United States of America and besides this we will also discuss about that how USA is making progress in reducing these health care disparities.

We will also emphasis on all initiatives and programs that are implemented by United States of America. Health Care disparities cause discrimination of people on the behalf of healthcare services. In most of other countries it is commonly seen that poor people are dying because they are not getting appropriate healthcare services as compare to rich people. That is why death rate in poor people is high. The increment in death rate due to healthcare disparities, put negative influence on countries economy and medical status.

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