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Joe wants to sell his car. He receives one offer each month and must decide immediately whether to accept the offer. Once rejected, the offer is lost. The possible offers are $600, $800, and $1,000, made with probabilities 5/8, ¼ and 1/8 respectively (where successive offers are independent of each other). There is a maintenance cost of $60 per month for the car. Joe is anxious to sell the car and so has chosen a discount factor of α = 0.95. Using the policy improvement algorithm, find a policy that minimizes the expected total discounted cost.

Reference no: EM131105420

Find the value of the investment after two years

R2 000 is invested at 10% per annum compounded half-yearly. After three months, the interest rate changes to 12% per annum compounded monthly. Find the value of the investme

What would be the probability that a patient expressed

How many ways are there of obtaining 10 patients expressing a preference for drug A. Repeat for 9 patients. 8 patients. ... 1, 0 patients. Tabulate your results - What is th

The continuous-time stochastic process

Suppose that the continuous-time stochastic process {X(t),t ≥ 0}, whose state space is {0,1}, spends an exponential time with parameter 1 in a state the first time it visits t

Find the estimated increase in the interval of time

What is the estimated increase in the interval of time until the next wruption that corresponds to an increase of 60 seconds in the duration?

Conduct a t test for each of given parameters in the model

The three models for auction price (y) have R2 and s values, as shown in the table. Based on this information, which of the three models would you use to predict red Bordeau

Summary points to the middle point

Equation of the line passing through the summary points. Calculate distance from line through the outer summary points to the middle point. Equation of the median-median line

Personal agenda prove someone

Show the weakness in someone's character encourage someone to take action promote someone's personal agenda prove someone's incorrect statements Which answer is correct?

What sample size will be necessary

A simple random sample is to be drawn from a population of 800. In order to have 95% confidence that the sampling error in estimating π is no more than 0.03, what sample siz


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