Using the burndown chart in favor of the burnup chart

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There has been a move in agile away from using the burndown chart in favor of the burnup chart. Why might the burn up chart be a more useful tool for measuring progress? What other tools might be useful?

Reference no: EM131422973

Manufacturer of flight simulators-pilot training equipment

Jill Montgomery has always wanted to operate her own business. She is investigating the feasibility of opening two coffee shops in the Madison, WI area. Jill has just begun re

Why are iterations important in agile management

Why are iterations important in agile management? Think of a project you are working on in your personal life. What are the pitfalls of longer or shorter iterations in that pr

Define customers-services produced and suppliers

In the following operations, isolate a system for analysis and define customers, services produced, suppliers, and the primary process flows. (a) a college; (b) a fast-food re

Organizational paradigms throughout human history

Organizational Paradigms Throughout human history the living system of human organization has created many ways of organizing itself to get work done. We notice that these way

Should the doctrine of equity be applied to save lessees

Ethics A landlord leased a motel he owned to lessees for a ten-year period. The lessees had an option to extend the lease for an additional ten years. To do so, they had to gi

Type of culture that will enhance organizational alignment

Mohammed Abul and his family own the Long-lasting Boot (LLB) store. LLB is a specialty boot store located in the downtown area in a medium sized Scottsdale, Arizona and sells

English also proposed to purchase certain personal property

Mirror Image Rule Norma English made an offer to purchase a house owned by Michael and Laurie Montgomery (Montgomery) for $272,000. In her offer, English also proposed to purc

Ethics and the green movement

Ethics and the Green Movement. Today's managers face tremendous pressure from the government and the public to hold their organizations and employees to high ethical and profe


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