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In the mid 2000s, as house prices began to climb, some were concerned that an overheated housing market was leading to an unstable inflationary gap. As a result, beginning in the second half of 2004, the Federal Reserve (headed by Alan Greenspan at the time) began raising the federal funds rate – a process which continued into late-2006. As we learned about in class, the federal funds rate is one of the key short-term interest rates in the economy.

A) Using a money demand-money supply diagram, illustrate how the Fed can raise interest rates. Then, in 3-4 sentences explain how the raised interest rates should have affected aggregate demand. For full credit, be sure to highlight each step, from higher interest rates to aggregate demand.

B) Using a SRAS-LRAS-AD diagram, illustrate how Greenspan's policy should have closed the inflationary gap. For full credit, label all parts of your diagram clearly

Reference no: EM131075201

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