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1. The Los Angeles Lakers are sold for 650 Million. At a tax rate of 25% what is the new owner's yearly tax savings if he uses straight line depreciation of the purchase price over the full 15 years allowed by the IRS?

2. Assume the new owner of the Lakers decides to depreciate the full purchase price over 5 years using a double declining balance schedule. At a tax rate of 25% the total tax savings over the 5 years would be ______ and he/she would save __________ in the 5th year (round to the nearest $500,000)

Reference no: EM13885278

About the annuities-who is paid better

Annuities. A famous quarterback just signed a $15 million contract providing $3 million a year for 5 years. A less famous receiver signed a $14 million 5 years contract provid

Deviation of monthly changes in price of commodity

Suppose that the standard deviation of monthly changes in the price of commodity A is $3. The standard deviation of monthly changes in a futures price for a contract on commod

Portfolio of the two assets has an expected return

Using CAPM. A stock has a beta of 1.15 and an expected return of 10.4 percent. A risk-free asset currently earns 3.8 percent. What is the expected return on a portfolio that i

Risk-free rate-expected rate of return on market portfolio

A project under consideration has an internal rate of return of 17% and a beta of 0.4. The risk-free rate is 7%, and the expected rate of return on the market portfolio is 17%

What is the first-year break-even share of market

After spending $300,000 for research and development, chemists at Diversi- fied Citrus Industries have developed a new breakfast drink. The drink, called Zap, will provide the

What changes have recently occurred in kalewoods deposit mix

What changes have recently occurred in Kalewood's deposit mix? Do these changes suggest possible problems for management in trying to increase profitability and stabilize ea

Firm does not pay dividend but repurchases stock

Suppose a firm does not pay a dividend but repurchases stock using $28 million of cash, the market value of the firm decreases by ________. A firm has $300 million of assets t

Annual maintenance costs on bridge are assumed

Annual maintenance costs on a bridge are assumed to be $3,000 for the first 10 years starting in year 1, and then $2,000 per year starting in year 11. Assuming an infinite lif


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