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Reports are often used to document progress or detail issues. For example, Saint Catherine Children's Hospital might use reports to track budgets, incidents with patients, employees by department, or proposals for new construction. In this assignment you will write two different types of business reports

A sick child waiting to see the doctor has thrown up on the floor of the waiting room. A patient was leaving the office area after seeing the doctor at the same time and slipped and fell. As the office manager, you are required to write a cleanup report for the child vomiting and an incident report for the patient falling.

Directions to complete Part 1:

A. Read the Policy and Procedures Manual related to reporting incidences on pages 33 and 34.

B. Complete an incident report including all of the details required using information you believe would be included in this type of report. You can make up the names and other background information.

Directions for completing Part 2:

A. Describe the process that you used to write your incident report. List the steps and state the importance of each.

Directions for completing Part 3:

A. Write a short report describing the actions you took to complete the cleanup of the vomit.
B. Make sure you follow the directions included in the Policy and Procedure Manual, page 30.

Reference no: EM131052438

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