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Exercise 1-1

Answer the questions based on your reading of Chapter 1, including he boxes.
1. What is an argument? A two part structure of claims, one part of which the premise or premises is given as the reason for thinking. The other part is the conclusions meaning the argument is true.

2. T or F: A claim is what you use to state an opinion or belief. True

3. T or F: Critical thinking involves attacking other people. True

4. T or F: Whether a passage contains an argument depends on how long it is. True

5. T or F: When a claim has been questions, an issue has been raised. True

6. Do all arguments have premises? Yes cogent arguments have true premises.

7. Do all arguments have conclusions? Yes otherwise there is no agreement or purpose.

8. T or F: If it is impossible for the premises of an argument to be true without the conclusion also being true the argument is deductively valid. True

9. T or F: The more support the premises of an argument provides for its conclusion, the stronger the argument. If the premise being true means that probably the conclusion is true, the argument is inductively strong. True

10. Can a conclusion be implied, or must it always be explicitly stated? Yes a conclusion can be implied. For example: People carry guns. Explicitly: In Michigan the law states people are not to carry guns unless licensed.

11. Explain the connection between an argument and an issue. They both involve some sort of statement and evaluate an issue. In addition they agree to disagree, provide a reason, and a conclusion.

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