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Shelley teaches a 7th grade Math class at a small 7-12 school in a rural area of Nebraska. The school she teaches at has a total student population of 185 students, and her 7th grade math course includes every 7th grade student. As a result, she has a room filled with various ability levels, from struggling through advanced. Her highest achieving student Nathaniel is routinely bored with the lessons as his skill level is far above the other students in the course. Shelley has tried a variety of techniques to engage Nathaniel, and has spoken on multiple occasions with him about how impressed she is with his abilities. Still, Nathaniel has become withdrawn and lately has even taken to acting out in class, something that he never has done before.

Describe three specific strategies Shelley can use to engage Nathaniel and make use of his strengths in class. For each strategy, describe specifically how she would enact the strategy and a method she could use to assess whether or not the strategy had worked.

Reference no: EM13712720

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