Use the northwest corner rule to obtain

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Reconsider Prob. 8.1-1.

(a) Use the northwest corner rule to obtain an initial BF solution.

(b) Starting with the initial BF solution from part (a), interactively apply the transportation simplex method to obtain an optimal solution.

Prob. 8.1-1

The Childfair Company has three plants producing child push chairs that are to be shipped to four distribution centers. Plants 1, 2, and 3 produce 12, 17, and 11 shipments per month, respectively Each distribution center needs to receive 10 shipments per month. The distance from each plant to the respective distributing centers is given to the right:

The freight cost for each shipment is $100 plus 50 cents per mile. How much should be shipped from each plant to each of the distribution centers to minimize the total shipping cost?

(a) Formulate this problem as a transportation problem by constructing the appropriate parameter table.

(b) Draw the network representation of this problem.

(c) Obtain an optimal solution.

Reference no: EM131100550

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