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Work for Compton Memorial Hospital, which specializes in research and treatment for illnesses and disabilities of children. Write a letter to be sent to someone who has donated money to the hospital in the past. Use the indirect approach for this persuasive lettter. Thank the person for giving in the past and helping to make treatment of ill children possible. Point out that a large part of the hospital's operating funds comes from donations. Ask the person to send a donation as part of a matching funds campaign. A generous patron will match all the funds donated by individuals up to $50,000. Suggest donation amounts of $100, $500, $1,000 or more. However, indicate that any donation amount will be appreciated. Indicate that the funds from this campaign will be combined with other donations to help pay for treatment of children who are ill or injured. The donation must be received by November 10, 2016. Indicate that a reply envelope is enclosed with the letter. Make up an address for the hospital and create a letterhead. You are writing to Mrs. Alma Chaney. Make up an address for her from your local area.

Reference no: EM131273846

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