Use of fluoride in toothpaste to prevent cavities.

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One state legislature was taking up a measure to ban the use of fluoride in toothpaste to prevent cavities. Said one state senator, "Everyone knows that fluoride is poison. Do we really want to be poisoning our kids every morning?"

Which congnitive bias is being used?

Reference no: EM131034057

Explain knowledge management

Explain Knowledge Management. Examine how knowledge works (or doesn't) in your organization (or one you were previously associated with and what recommendations would you make

Positive effect on the environment

Think of a new organizational policy that will have a positive effect on the environment. Using the active voice, write an email memo to the members of the organization. Write

Create a spreadsheet model for this problem

Three products, Product1 and Product2 and Product3, are produced in annual amounts A1, A2 and A3 respectively. Producti (for each i = 1, 2, 3) has annual demand Ai (as above),

Group coordination becomes more difficult

What's been your experience, if any, with team size? At what point does adding members begin to hurt a team's performance as people become less motivated and group coordinatio

Five types of individual behavior categories

Describe and examine the five Types of Individual Behavior categories, and discuss how these categories interact and affect the four MARS elements, including voluntary workpla

Imagine country where religious factions

Imagine a country where religious factions inside a nation want to have their own separate homeland. The government refuses, claiming that the territory in question, which com

How things might be added or deleted to the process

Please watch the following video and post your thoughts to the discussion board about the pros and cons that Honda is using and an explanation about why. Also, add your tho

Compare and contrast approaches and techniques

Examine the nature, characteristics, models, and / or methods pertinent to the structuring of policy problems. Compare and contrast approaches and / or techniques for prescrib


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