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"Is it Immoral for U.S. Corporations to Use Cheap Overseas Labor? (PDF on Blackboard)" actively respond to the following question and participate in classmate's response(s): In your assessment discuss some viable solutions as U.S. corporations continue to optimize cost of producing goods as they compete in a global market. Should we consider tax incentives, new laws, etc.? Is is fair for the U.S. decide what is best for undeveloped countries, which may negatively impact the improved wages made by the workers in undeveloped countries? Are we comparing our standard of living/earnings with countries where the low wages earned is an improvement from not having these jobs? Example: ability of parents to keep children out of working in the fields, prostitution, parents selling children, etc.

Reference no: EM131121436

Marginal utility you would get from next mcdonalds dinner

The price of a McDonald's dinner is $5; the price of a Burger King dinner is $5. The marginal utility you would get from the next McDonald's dinner is 15; the marginal utility

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Which do you prefer: Intuit's customer-driven development process, where hundreds of employees and managers are sent to consult with customers in their homes or places of busi

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Bruce arrived at work one day and him boss said to him, "You dress poorly; you're fired." Assuming that Bruce is an at-will employee, which of the following is true? Mark was

The best articles are about changes

The best articles are about changes in the price and/or sales of a particular product. Or about the changes in the costs of production or of inputs that impact the supply curv

Public corporations with subsidiaries throughout the world

Both Berkley and Oakley are large public corporations with subsidiaries throughout the world. Berkley uses a centralized approach and makes most of the decisions for its subsi

How many exam rooms should the hospital have

A hospital emergency room averages 50 patients per shift. A shift is 8 hours long, and the average patient requires 20 minutes in the exam room. How many exam rooms should t

Should jones choose the consolidated shipment alternative

However, one carrier quoted a transportation cost of $20 per hundredweight for a consolidated shipment, with an additional charge of $200 for each stop on the delivery. Shou

Reflected in their pricing strategy

Suppliers have to choose different pricing strategies depending on the market they’re in. Expand upon this concept in a discussion board post. Consider: How might pricing stra


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