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US HealthSolutions is a relatively young healthcare services company offering a unique package of technology-enabled services. This company has significant potential, but as you will see from reading the case study – lacks a strategic plan. The objective of your Final Project is to produce that strategic plan.

In developing your strategic plan for US HealthSolutions, you should employ the following strategic planning process:

Conduct a Strategic Audit: What is the company’s history, mission, values, historical results, key strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses?

Analyze the Company’s External Environment: Research and synthesize this industry segment’s attractiveness, major trends, value delivery system, customer and competitor analysis. Be sure to identify opportunities for growth as well as strategic threats external to the firm.

Analyze the Company’s Internal Capabilities: Conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the firm's structure, organization, human resource capabilities, value chain, operational core competencies, and core business processes.

Develop a Strategic Assessment: Define where the firm fits in its industry segment, the industry’s critical success factors and the firm’s ability to execute a range of strategies.

Identify Strategic Alternatives with a Selection: Identify several possible strategies that US HealthSolutions might undertake. Select the alternative that you believe represents the best opportunity for this company at this time.

Identifythe Critical Success Factors: Assuming your recommended selection among strategic alternatives is going to be implemented, what are the critical factors that will likely determine the success or failure of this strategy?


Your final report should not be fewer than four pages in length or more than twelve pages. In terms of organization, your final report should contain the following sections:

Executive Summary

Strategic Audit

Strategic External Analysis

Strategic Internal Analysis

Strategic Assessment

Strategic Alternatives with Selection

Implementation – Critical Success Factors.

Reference no: EM13321003

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