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You are an "up-and-coming" analyst at a local manufacturing company that upper management has been considering for a management position. Your company and the current management are relatively "old fashioned" and there have not been any significant productivity improvements in the last 20 years. In fact, the writing is "on the wall" since foreign competition is forcing your company's management to consider re-locating most of the manufacturing operations to Taiwan. However, you have successfully completed the highly touted "Productivity Strategies" course at MTSU and decide that if changes are made to make the company "lean," profits would go above what is possible with lower labor costs overseas. What do you do to convince management to change, without jeopardizing your position, and how do you "sell" them on "lean manufacturing." 

Reference no: EM131131412

Differs from an individualistic culture approach

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Evaluating leadership style

The previous manager used a transactional leadership approach, which has been relatively ineffective. Evaluate one leadership style and describe which you would take.

Identify potential quality concerns in traditional areas

A large farm produces a number of vegetables for sale to the highest bidder (usually buyers who aggregate the produce from lots of small farms and sell the produce to grocery

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The behavior of many of his officers reflects a lack

Chief Draper has noticed that the behavior of many of his officers reflects a lack of understanding of many basic criminal justice concepts. Last week, he received a comp


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