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Why do you think that supervisors are often unwilling to listen to employees' suggestions? Of all the topics discussed in this class, the only one that some students object to is unions.

Should you have to learn anything about unions in this class?

Reference no: EM131357674

Cash flow associated with termination of the project

You are considering expanding your product line that currently consists of skateboards to include gas-powered skateboards, and you feel you can sell 9,000 of these per year fo

Assuming both types of taxes collect same number of dollars

Assuming both types of taxes collect the same number of dollars, a wage tax is preferable to a head tax. For a “normal” good, the income and substitution effects are not oppos

Administrative agencies

Administrative agencies: Select one: a. Rarely have both the power to issue regulations and the power to investigate when such regulations have been violated b. May make regul

Increase in the supply of foreign exchange

Suppose that there is an increase in the supply of foreign exchange due to an inflow of foreign investment in a flexible-rate system. Explain how this would affect the balance

Social welfare using rawlsian social welfare function

If we are measuring social welfare using a Rawlsian social welfare function and a change in resource allocation results in one person's gain exceeding another person's loss, w

Quantity result in approximately no change in total revenue

The demand equation for a cola-type soft drink in general is Q = 20 -2P, where Q stands for quantity and P stands for price. Calculate point elasticities at prices of 5 and 9.

Derive expression for the steady-state unemployment rate

Consider a model of unemployment where the change in the unemployment rate (u) is given by Δu = (b+s)-(b+s+f)u, where b is the rate of entry in the labor force, s is the separ

What is the deadweight loss associated with monopoly

A monopolist faces a demand curve given by: P = 210 - 5Q, where P is the price of the good and Q is the quantity demanded. The marginal cost of production is constant and is


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