Unreasonably low profit to drive him out of business

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Lang runs a chain of health food supermarkets that offers a number of products that other major grocery retailers did not formerly carry. Lang has enjoyed a loyal and steadily growing clientele. Recently, however, he noticed that the major grocery retailers now offer several of his products, such as rice snacks, organic herbs, and oils, at prices so low that he cannot possibly match them without losing money. Lang suspects that the retailers are selling these items below cost or at unreasonably low profit to drive him out of business.


a. What government body can Lang contact to file a complaint?


b. By what means can Lang file the complaint?


c. What information should be included in the complaint?


d. If the major grocery retailers are prosecuted under the Competition Act, of what infringement are they most likely to be found guilty?  Explain. 

Reference no: EM13933672

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